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Some of life’s little pleasures include coming home from a busy day at the office to a home cooked meal. There is honestly nothing more comforting and satisfying. But when time gets the better of us, this doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like.

By Word Of Mouth is a well established catering company with 25 years in the business. The founder, Karen Short, noticed a gap in the market, and launched an exciting concept. This concept ensures busy South African’s can enjoy life’s little pleasures by enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal in the comfort of their home. She officially launched Frozen For You, at an event so spectacular, I was definitely privileged to attend.

the what, the why and the how

what is Frozen For You? Frozen For You are handcrafted meals that are “frozen fresh”. This means immediately after they are assembled they are frozen, ensuring they remain as fresh and delicious as the day it was made. The meals contain no added preservatives and are made with quality ingredients, using simp traditional methods. Each meal can simply be heated from frozen in its tray or container.

why this new concept? This new concept is aimed at addressing the needs of busy South African’s who don’t have the time to prepare food at home but are looking for delicious, quality home-style solutions. The company, By Word of Mouth, prides itself on convenience without comprising on taste.

how does it work? All you have to do is visit, check they deliver to your area and if they do, place your order with a few simple clicks. Or, if they don’t deliver to your area just yet, then visit the the newly opened shop in Dainfern Square.

some of the meals on offer are …

Roasted tomato soup, vegetable and chickpea curry, lamb mint and pumpkin pie, lamb shanks and butter chicken curry AND so much more.

For more meals and information visit:


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