Have you tried Dove’s new DermaSpa range?


It’s amazing!

We all love a little bit of me-time, don’t we? That precious moment in the day doing what you love. Either you make a cup of tea and read your book, watch your favourite TV show or maybe take a long hot bubble bath. The new Dove DermaSpa range ensures me-time is taken to the next level. How so? Because the range offers women an innovative collection of body products that give you that spa feeling at home. To me, this sounds like heavenly bliss.

3 reasons why DermaSpa is the bees knees …

• The range is dermatologically tested.

• It is suitable for sensitive skin.

• It is a super affordable budget-friendly answer to treating yourself to some me-time at home.

How does it work?

The new range was created by transferring the moisturising technology from Dove’s facial skin care to body care. The Cell-Moisturisers (a complex made up of key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils such as sea buckthorn oil) in the Dove DermaSpa range are one of the most advanced innovations Dove has introduced in a body care range. Dove says this new technology is specifically designed to help achieve a more even looking skin tone and to offer exceptional moisturisation to help strengthen and protect the body’s natural skin barrier.

My thoughts on some of the products …

♥ Uplifted+ Body Lotion

I like hat this body lotion absorbs quickly so your skin isn’t left feeling sticky. It has a satin gel like consistency. What I love most about this body lotion is the way it improves skin elasticity and firmness and at the same time gently moisturises the skin. This is a winner for summer!

Price: R89.99

♥ Cashmere Comfort Body Lotion

This is possibly the most luxurious body lotion, both in terms of the scent and texture. It smells heavenly and it glides on your skin so effortlessly and it sinks into the skin giving you instant moisturisation  … It definitely is a cocooning body lotion as it forms a cocoon over your body and you’re left with ultra soft delicious skin.

Price: R89.99

♥ Cashmere Comfort Body Butter

This body butter offers an in­dulgent, nurturing night-time ritual to soothe and soften the skin for extra-intensive care on even the driest parts of the body. I found this butter truly wonderful especially on my knees, elbows and feet. Saying that though, it definitely works wonders on the whole body.

Price: R129.99

♥ The Goodness³ Silky Body Oil

This silky body oil leaves my skin feeling velvety soft with a luminous glow. It absorbs into my skin beautifully with no greasy residue on the surface of my skin, it smells divine, and leaves the prettiest sheen on my skin leaving it looking flawless rather than overly shimmery.

Price: R129.99

♥ Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roller-Ball Serum

Now this is a nifty little gadget! The product features a unique roller ball applicator to help firm up challenging, harder-to-reach areas. The freshness of this satin-like gel revitalises the skin and gives you that at-home massage feeling. It is so moisturising on the skin. And thee massaging action of the roller ball helps to give you a bit of a lift where you need it most. I love using this roller-ball after a nice hot bath to relieve achy tired muscles.

Price: R129.99

More about the range …

So as you can see the range includes four luxurious collections. Each designed for different skin types, stages and pampering desires. The range includes the Goodness³ range (with the Goodness³ Body Lotion, Goodness³ Body Oil, and Goodness³ Body Cream), Uplifted+ range (with the Uplifted+ Body Lotion and Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-On), Cashmere Comfort range (with the Cashmere Comfort Body Lotion, Cashmere Comfort Body Butter, and Cashmere Comfort Hand Treatment), and the Summer Revived range (with the Summer Revived Body Lotion). Each collection also has its own subtle scent, developed in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb, global fragrance expert and consultant to some of the world’s most esteemed beauty houses.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely be using these products all through summer!

Have you tried anything from the range?


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