This is why you need to eat at ROSTO


Because ROSTO has the tastiest rotisserie chicken.

The cosy suburb of Linden in the heart of Johannesburg is definitely my favourite suburb when it comes to food. It is home to a fantastic selection of restaurants, all of different cuisines, as well as some of the most delicious coffee shops Jozi has to offer.

Now Linden is home to an Italian roastery ROSTO

We normally associate Italian food with pizza and pasta, don’t we? At ROSTO, things are done a little different though. You’ll find rotisserie-style chicken, polpette meat balls, porchetta, focaccia breads, twice fried chips, chickpea fries and salads. The only pasta dishes on the menu are lasagna, cannelloni and parmigiana di melanzane.

ROSTO has definitely become our restaurant of choice lately. Where else can you get organic free range chicken that is just so tasty and delicious, with twice fried chips and some coleslaw? It is such a wholesome delicious comforting meal. Ever since I stopped gluten two months ago, all I crave is a meal like this. A meal that is wholesome, delicious, tasty and satisfying. Since I can no longer have pizza and pasta (which I lived on because I like to think I am Italian), this is the closest to a delicious Italian feast.

The chicken! The chicken!

The name ROSTO comes from Italy’s famous Girarrosto shops – literally meaning turn (gira) and roasted (arrosto) – which serve tender spit-roasted chickens and Italian street food.

The chicken at ROSTO is definitely not your average chicken. It is first made succulent with an infusion of ROSTO’s secret homemade brine. Then it is cooked on the wood burning rotisserie which gives a certain flavour that can’t be beaten.

You can choose one of three Italian inspired flavours- red (chill, sundried tomato and garlic), yellow (lemon and Mediterranean herbs) and green (parmesan and rosemary). My favourite is definitely the red flavour – I love garlic!

The fries! The fries!

You get two types of people in this world. Those who love fries and those who like fries. I am one of those who LOVE fries. But the fries have to be something special in order for me to love them. They need to be crispy, tasty and worth the calories.

ROSTO makes twice fried fries and I LOVE them. I mean look at them …


When eating at ROSTO just remember to keep space for dessert. With a choice of Nutella chocolate mousse, tiramisu, panna cotta or semifreddo you definitely cannot leave without having one. My favourite is definitely the Nutella chocolate mousse – I love that it’s a whole tub of chocolatey goodness.

For ROSTO’s full menu, click here.

Address: 69 7th Street, Linden, 2104

Tel: 011 888 0369


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