How to Become a Morning Person


When people used to tell me they are an early riser, aka: a morning person, I would roll my eyes at them thinking “how do you do it!?” It was only until recently I realised I, myself, may fit into the category of a morning person (*rolls eyes!*) In the good old university days I would grab the opportunity to lie in bed and only get up for a lecture if it was compulsory, as the thought of waking up too early scared me. Only when I started working did I take those days for granted, and so I was forced to get up with the birds and get ready to tackle a day in the legal world. And now, I can happily say I am an early riser / a morning person / an early bird. Not everyone has the capability of becoming a morning person, but with just a few simple tweaks to your morning routine you can wake up at Sparrows Fart too.

How to Become a Morning Person


Whether you are a tea or coffee person, first things first, have a cup. Or if you are a lemon-water-upon-waking-up person, have a cup of that. Give yourself time to sip on your cuppa and gather all of your thoughts for the day ahead.

The first thing I do when I wake up is boil the kettle. I then greet little Dooey, make my coffee and sit on the couch thinking of the day ahead (while playing with little Dooey). This is the best time to relax a little while giving myself some time to think about everything. I also love getting my morning bunny kisses.


Writing out a to do list helps waking up easier as you have a purpose for the day and goals to achieve, which you just want to get started on. Write a to-do list the evening before so your goals are visible and you’re more prone to keeping them. This also helps you organise your time more efficiently. Going to bed at night having ticked off what you have done on your to-do list makes you feel like you have actually achieved, which is such a great feeling.

I use my Two Thousand And Sixteen diary for everything! From my to do lists, to writing down any and every little thing in it, from reminders to phone numbers and even all my passwords so I don’t forget them. This little diary is my life.


Getting yourself as prepared as you can the night before is a huge help and a big time saver. Prepare your outfit, take out your clothes, pack your lunch, make your breakfast smoothie, pack your gym bags and do your to do list and you will feel a million times better waking up knowing all of this has been done and you can get on with your morning and still have some time to do what you enjoy, like maybe read for a bit.

Every night I plan my outfit and lay my clothes out. I also plan in my head what I am going to have for breakfast which then makes me wake up super excited for breakfast (breakfast is my favourite meal of the day). This prevents rushing in the morning and just grabbing whatever is the easiest and most convenient. Because I now have some time to spare in the morning, I like to read. Even if its just for 15 minutes or so, while I have breakfast.

How to Become a Morning Person


Without a doubt, the first thing we do in the morning is check our emails. And it is a task we all have to face. If your email is in a mess, where you have 50 tagged emails, 50 unread emails, 50 urgent emails and 50 emails in your drafts folder, the last thing you want to do is check for any new emails, and this in itself is a negative start to the morning. So take some time and sort out all your emails trying to keep it as organised as possible. You can even download an app to help with that.

I recently downloaded Airmail which has made emailing so much easier. It allows for multiple email accounts, it distinguishes between all your email accounts and it is just so user friendly. It also has pink icons, so maybe thats why I love it :).


One of the reasons we don’t like to get out of bed is because its cold out there 🙂 Our beds hold us hostage as they’re super warm, snuggly and cozy. But if you go from a cozy bed into a cozy gown and cozy slippers, you won’t even notice the difference.

I always make sure I have a gown and a pair of slippers to slip into as soon as I hop out of bed. In summer I have a thin gown and simple slippers. But in winter I have the fluffiest gown and the snuggliest slippers, and thanks to these two basic items getting out of bed is so much easier. How to Become a Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person


Lastly, keep some cupcakes on standby for when you feel like a sweet morning treat!


  1. I keep my night gown close to my bed so in the mornings its a breeze to get out. I just need some new slippers! These Woolies ones look snuggly!!

  2. I love this post so much. I don’t like being a morning person but I have no choice haha 🙂
    All of these tips are super helpful and I have found that if I follow my morning routine (which I have perfected now) that I have a much better day than if I don’t.
    I love that you read in the morning as well, I don’t have time but considering waking up a few mins earlier just to do a quick read because I think that will definitely improve my day.
    Also, I loooooove those slippers! I still need to get myself a pair.

  3. You never know if a sweet craving hits or you need a bit of comfort food to face the day ahead 😉 Thank you for reading xx

  4. The thought of being a morning person still scares me, haha! But if you follow a routine its much easier, as you say. Yes, I just try read a bit in the mornings to ease into the day. The little pompom on the left slipper broke off 🙁 But the rest is still intact! Thank you for reading Kerry xx


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