I am a plant lover and here is why


The number one reason why I am a plant lover is because plants make me instantly happy. In such uncertain difficult times, happiness should definitely be number one, and with plants, it is definitely guaranteed. I started with one plant and now have over 20 in all different shapes and sizes. From indoor plants to outdoor plants and even a few very sensitive orchards, I have managed to keep all alive (which is an achievement in itself, especially for 2020!).

Reasons why I love plants …

  • Plants make me happy. When I look at my plants, they bring me instant happiness. And with happiness, comes an instant mood lifter. With everything going on right now, this is exactly what I need. So plain and simple, they make me happy!
  • What I love most about being a plant mom is watching how plants grow. Every day I notice a new leaf or a new flower and it is so fascinating. You don’t realise plants are living things and with sunlight and water, they just grow. I find this so inspiring!
  • Plants have become mine and my boyfriends mutual interest and talking point. Just as much as I love plants, so does he, and we can both sit for hours discussing our plant babies. We also laugh when one of us suggests getting a new plant. So we both have the plant addiction and not just one of us, which makes this new hobby a lot easier. Ha!
  • Keeping plants alive is a challenge and so far we haven’t killed any yet! So along with this challenge, all the learning curves along are very welcome. It feels like we achieving and learning at the same time, which is great.
  • Our home is now a home with a whole lot of greenery and extra oxygen. And I just love this!
  • They make for a great distraction. Watering the plants and taking care of them is so very therapeutic. And it’s something I look forward to doing every day!
  • Every plant is different. I love how some plants flower with the most beautiful flowers while some don’t flower but still remain so beautiful.
  • Plants make the best gifts. So if you’re thinking of what to get me for my next birthday, a plant or two will definitely do. Thank you!

Where do I buy my plants?

I love the whole process of visiting a nursery, walking around and choosing what I want. I find this a lot more exciting than ordering plants online. But don’t get me wrong, if I can’t get to my local nursery, I will opt for th convenience of online ordering.

Plant Subscriptions

A few weeks ago the lovely team over at Imbali got in touch with me and sent me their October Flowering Plant Box. This is a monthly subscription box and let me tell you one thing, the excitement and anticipation waiting to see what arrives in the October box was just the best feeling. Inside the box was a pretty pink daisy plant, gardening gloves and a protea ornament. A subscription box like this makes for a perfect gift! Visit www.imbali.co for more information.

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