Minkys guide to making salads extra delicious and nutritious


Sometimes salads can be a little boring but if you make them the right way they can be bowls of absolute deliciousness. I never used to enjoy salads. Now that I have mastered the way I do like to eat them, they are my favourite especially for lunch when I am working from home. A salad should be made with fresh ingredients and toppings you enjoy. It shouldn’t be soggy but rather crisp. The salad should also be drenched in the right amount of dressing and packed full of flavour. That is how to make a good salad but if you want to make an extra delicious and nutritious salad, here is my guide:

Here’s how to make your salads extra delicious and nutritious:

  • Start with a big bowl or plate. I like to use my wooden bowl that I got from Mr Price Home a little while ago. There is something about eating a salad out of this bowl that makes me feel like I am in Bali, or somewhere amazing! It also holds all the ingredients well. And you can toss everything inside without messing, which is great!
  • Lay a bed of greens. The base of your salad is important. I almost always replace lettuce with baby spinach leaves no matter what kind of salad I am making! I find baby spinach leaves to be tastier and a whole lot more nutritious with extra health benefits compared to lettuce. It took a little getting used to in the beginning and now it’s my standard salad practice!
  • Add an array of vegetables. I normally stick to the basics – like cucumber, tomato, carrots, onions, green peppers and your normal standard salad ingredients. But then I also like to mix things up and maybe add avocado, mushrooms, beetroot, asparagus, etc. Try keep it simple but exciting with a few extras!
  • Add a protein and make it tasty. Some of my favourite proteins include: tuna, smoked salmon, chicken breast, boiled eggs and cheese. What I like to do is season the protein to make it extra tasty and delicious. I like to cook my chicken breasts in a wok as this adds extra flavour. I also switch between feta cheese, mozzarella cheese or even a tasty cheddar cheese. All of this adds to the end result of an extra delicious salad.
  • Use a tasty salad dressing. I like to mix my own salad dressing using a very good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar, adding a dash of garlic salt, some pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  • Make it like a bowl or pile up the ingredients. There are 2 ways I like to make my salads – either like a bowl where everything is separated or I pile everything on top of each on a plate. Both ways are interesting and make the salad exciting!

So there you have it, Minkys guide to making salads extra delicious and nutritious.

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