Ideas on how to start preparing for Valentine’s Day


Either you love it or you hate it, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I fit into the former, because I love it. I find Valentine’s Day to be the perfect reason to spoil not just my better half but also to spoil friends and family. It is one day in the year to go that extra mile for people that mean the world to you and just #ShareYourHeart. It’s not about being romantic, it’s about selfless giving, and I definitely approve.

If you are not sure about what you can do to start preparing for Valentine’s Day, I have put a list together of some ideas to get you on the right track. These ideas will definitely inspire you to start thinking of ways you are going to #ShareYourHeart this Valentine’s Day. And everything you do, has to have Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’s limited-edition Pop Out Heart slab, available in Dairy Milk and Dream.

So here they are:

♥ Decide whether you and your partner will be dining in or dining out. If you will be dining out, book your restaurant of choice well in advance. If you will be dining in, plan your meal and start preparing early to avoid any rush on the day.

♥ Arrange to have a big bunch of your Moms favourite flowers delivered to her on the day. Include the new Cadbury Pop Out Heart slab in the delivery.

♥ Buy your Dad his favourite bottle of whiskey and have the bottle engraved with his name on it. That little extra touch definitely adds something special to the gift!

♥ Start putting together little gift packs for your colleagues. Perhaps you can include a slab of the new Cadbury Pop Out Heart.

♥ Buy a gift voucher for a spa treatment for your best friend early in advance. Give it to her timeously so she can book her spa treatment on Valentine’s Day.

♥ Set up a movie night for you and your besties. Decide early in advance what movie you’ll be watching and who is in charge of snacks. Nothing better than your besties, a romcom, wine, popcorn and chocolate, especially the new Cadbury Pop Out Heart slabs.

♥ Arrange with your colleagues who will bake cupcakes to bring on the day.

♥ Start crafting the perfect gift for your partner so you can avoid clichés by giving something more meaningful and from the heart. Put together a hamper of his/her favourite thing but don’t forget to include the new Cadbury Pop Out Heart slab.

As you can see, Valentine’s Day is not just about sharing romantic love. It’s about showing someone that they are important to you and cared for. So, if you start preparing early, it’s easy to #ShareYourHeart and make the most of Valentine’s Day with all the special people in your life. Cadbury has made it easier to show your love and share your heart with their new limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk and Dream Pop Out Heart Slabs that are now available at leading retailers.


*Thank you Cadbury for sponsoring this post.



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