The Ultimate Gift for Everyone: Mini Me Memorables


Since forever, I have been obsessed with all miniature things. They are both cute and fascinating. From miniature perfume bottles to miniature ornaments, and everything in-between, I would gather up quite a collection. I love how something so small is so intricately detailed and has so much sentimental meaning.

When an emailed landed in my inbox from Mini Me Memorables asking if I would like a mini me memorable, with an example of me attached, I didn’t hesitate for a second. And this is what they sent me …

Mini Me Memorables create the perfect memory, as you can see.

They captured me being an attorney with the judges hammer (I love!) and little Dooey the bunny (I love even more!). This little figurine is so darn cute and I am 150% obsessed with it. With over 100’s of different and rare torso’s, heads, legs, hair pieces and accessories to choose from, you too can create a perfect mini memory.

They make a unique and perfect gift for birthdays, weddings and Christmas stocking fillers!

i’m sharing the love …

If you would love to create your own mini me memory, head to right now.
I have a 10% discount code for all my lovely readers (valid until the end of December 2016).
Just use the following code on checkout: MINKYS

Don’t you think they make the ultimate christmas stocking filler?

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