Nonna’s Italian Food Bar


You had me at “Italian'”.

I am most definitely not, but because I love everything Italian, I like to think I am Italian. So when Nonna’s Italian Food Bar recently opened up in Sandton City, my heart skipped a beat.

Nonna’s is an authentic Italian food bar with a contemporary twist.
It’s not like your everyday Italian restaurant where you walk in, sit down, browse a menu, ask what today’s specials are and order from a waiter. Nonna’s is different. As you walk in, you enter a culinary theatre that aims to please. Depending on what you feel like, you can head to the pasta station, panini station, salad station, pizza station, antipasto station, dessert station or coffee bar. The concept is novel, in my opinion, and somehow reminds me of a European eatery. Whichever station you head to, you will order directly from the chef, who will then prepare the dish right in front of you, to your likings.

pasta bar

panini bar


al forno bar

coffee bar

ice cream bar


Everything at Nonna’s Italian Food Bar is homemade. The pizza dough, sauces and dressings, to the pasta, everything is freshly prepared and made in-house. There is also a glassed-in culinary laboratory for you to watch the fresh pasta being made. This was definitely my favourite as I stood for a long time watching. So long that the boyfriend had to tug at my arm and tell me to close my mouth. I am Italian, you know.

Did I tell you that the ice cream is also made in front of you and you can choose whatever toppings the child in you so desires.

The coffee bar serves a few different blends, including a signature blend as well as a selection of imported and local cold drinks.

I love Nonna’s Italian Food Bar because it is an Italian food bar. I love the whole concept, the vibe and the atmosphere. It truly feels like you’re in Italy.

God I wish!

The food is delicious! The antipasto grilled calamari and fried zucchini make for a delicious starter. Both were light and tasty. And you can definitely taste the freshness! The pasta portions are huge, so be prepared to have some for lunch the next day. The pizza was thin based and crispy which, to me, is the only way a pizza should be. The ice cream is a real treat too. And did I tell you it is vegan? Bonus.

So if you want an authentic Italian lunch/dinner, head to Nonna’s Italian Food Bar in Sandton City.

*Nonna – noun [No-nna-s (pl. Nonnas)] is the Italian word for grandmother.


Address: Shop BC01, Sandton City Banking Court, Sandown, Sandton.

Contact : 060 8859688


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