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summer is here … tra la la la!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, it means we’ll be showing more skin. Hello short skirts, sleeveless tops and even bikinis. But what happens if your skin is a little on the dry side and is still baring the brunt of winter? Then you should be taking extra good care of it and moisturising every night. You should be buffing, scrubbing and lathering up with the lotion.

In this post I have rounded up five moisturisers that I swear by and that your skin will love this summer. With these five products, you’ll be rocking that summer outfit in no time!

Eucerin Original Extra Thick Creme

Perfect for: very dry comprised skin conditions

Price: R179.99 for 45 grams

Available from: Dischem and Clicks

This is an extra thick creme that was specifically developed for people suffering with very dry and comprised skin associated with eczema, psoriasis or drying medication. This tub of extra rich and thick creme has come to my rescue and has helped ease my psoriasis. I have tried just about everything on the very dry patchy skin and so far, this is the only cream that has kept it bay. The creme is an emollient-rich formula that seals in all the moisture. What I love most about is, is that it contains no paragons, fragrance or colourants. These are usually what effects a skin condition and aggravates it. I tend to apply this creme on the very dry parts – my back where there’s a bit of psoriasis, my elbows and my knees. I’ll also apply it all over my body once a week just to give my skin that extra bit of moisture.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow

Perfect for: everyday use

Price: R36.95 for 400ml

Available from: Dischem and Clicks

Vaseline products have a special place in my heart and I am sure in yours too? This was the first brand I started using as a teen and have been in love with ever since. It does the job of moisturising your skin and leaving it feeling super soft and nourished. Out of all the different variants by Vaseline, I must say though that pure cocoa butter is my favourite. I love the scent, it has an obvious coco fragrance, which is delicious! The cream itself spreads and absorbs easily. I like to use it every night after a bath/shower because I put on my pyjamas. My skin is always left feeling soft, moisturised and smelly yummy!

L’Occitane Whipped Body Cream

Perfect for: an indulgent luxurious treat on your skin

Price: R435 for 125ml

Available from: L’Occitane

You know those nights when you want to have the most gorgeous bubble bath and just want to indulge? So you light all the candles, pour your glass of wine, hop into the bath and use your high-end products reserved for a special occasion. Well this is one of those products that you’ll use on those nights because L’Occitane Whipped Body Cream is just pure indulgence!

This body cream contains 10% Shea Butter which may seem like a little but it is definitely enough as it moisturises my skin like a dream. It smells absolutely delicious and the texture is definitely like whipped cream. When you open the tin it kinda looks like meringue, ha! This cream is a but pricey but like I said above, its only used on special occasions when your mind and body are craving absolute indulgence!

Lush Sympathy for the Skin 

Perfect for: Everyday use

Price: R225 for 240g

Available from: Lush

Out of all of Lush’s body lotions, this is one of my favourites that I buy over and over. The cream is very thick in consistency but a little goes a long way. It is so deliciously rich and hydrating on the skin. The scent is a combination of vanilla and banana, but what I love is that it is not overly sweet or synthetic smelling, and is rather quite natural. My skin is always left feeling hydrated, healed, nourished and moisturised. I also love that it doesn’t aggravate or irritate my dry patches from my psoriasis but instead makes them look visibly less dry! If you’re in the market for an extra delicious cream this summer, this is the one! I promise, you’ll thank me later 😉

Lipidol After Shower Oil

Perfect for: Replenishing the skin’s natural oily layer that may have been stripped away during swimming.

Price: R90.95

Available from: Clicks

The Lipidol range is a collection of oil-based products that has been launched by the makers of Bio Oil. The makers believe that oil is best for moisture retention in the skin as it supplements the skin’s natural oily layer. And you know what? They’re 100% correct. It feels extremely nourishing when I apply it to my skin and yet, it absorbs quite quickly. There is no oily residue left so you can put your clothes on straight after. I don’t use this oil often, maybe once a week now that we’re in summer, but come winter time, its my absolute favourite! But I do know that I will be using it a lot more now that the summer holidays are coming and we’ll be swimming a lot!



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