My 29th Birthday


I would rather have a special memory, than a whole
lot of crumpled up gift wrap. 

This past weekend it was my birthday. I turned 29 on the 29th of January, so as it was a crown birthday, I got to wear my crown all weekend. Ha! We did a little something different this year to celebrate compared to every other birthday. Instead of going to a fancy shmancy restaurant and eating all of the food, I wanted to go on an adventure rather. I wanted to do something exciting that I will remember forever. So on Sunday morning, after having coffee and cupcakes for breakfast, and opening my presents, we got into the car and headed on our little merry way to the Elephant Sanctuary.

A road trip, of any duration, isn’t complete with a soundtrack. So I played every birthday song imaginable. It was fun. Even though the drive was a short 45 minutes.

The Elephant Sanctuary 

The Elephant Sanctuary, at Hartbeesport Dam, has African elephants and offers an interactive experience. From being able to touch and interact with them, to walking trunk-in-hand, feeding them and elephant back riding. You even learn about the anatomy of an elephant.

We arrived at the Elephant Sanctuary and boy, were we excited. It has been a dream of mine to get up close and personal with these gentle giants, and I finally did. We fed them, we walked hand-in-trunk with them, and we got up so close that we managed to see the ellie smile 🙂

The one thing I loved about the Elephant Sanctuary was the special relationship between the elephants and their handlers. And also how well looked after and cared for the elephants are. This is definitely evident in their behaviour.

The whole experience was absolutely amazing. And I have the most beautiful photos to show for it.

Who else can say they’ve looked into an elephants mouth and seen one very ginormous tongue? 🙂

For more information, visit the website here.



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