Dear Boyfriend – It’s Valentine’s Day Soon


“Dear Boyfriend,

Valentine’s Day is soon. We all know it can be a very expensive day, if we don’t do it in a clever way. If you fall into the trap of booking at a really romantic restaurant that offers a Valentines special of champagne on arrival, a 5 course meal, rose petals on the table, complimentary chocolate and a free bottle of wine you are going to pay a ridiculous amount for everything.

Or if you are planning on buying a piece of jewellery and giving it on Valentines Day, it will be just as sentimental if you give it to me on any other day. But if you are thinking of getting me the hugest teddy bear that says “I love you”, we don’t have much space in our apartment. And, if you are planning on buying me the biggest box of chocolates thats only sold on Valentines Day, lets wait a few days for them to go on special and then we can buy them in bulk.

I know that if we can’t do all of these clichéd romantic things, what can we do? Well we can actually do a lot …


We can treat ourselves to a lie-in and breakfast in bed. My favourite breakfast is oats topped with fresh fruit and some chia seeds. Here’s a super easy recipe for oats, so you don’t have to google all funny recipes. Serve with a cup of coffee and a hearty smile, that I love.

Or, you can make one of these breakfasts.

Valentine's Day Ideas - Breakfast in Bed


What is better than strolling hand-in-hand through farmers markets and eating your way through every stall. Remember once we went to the Fourways Farmers Market and we ate the best belgian waffles topped with chocolate sauce, condensed milk and ice cream? Can we do it again, please 🙂 This time I promise not to devour half the thing when you not looking.

Valentine's Day - Visit a Farmers Market


Or we can grab a bottle of wine, some of our favourite cheeses, a bottle of olives, a blanket and head to the nearest park for a little picnic to get some fresh air and lap up the last bits of summer.

Valentine's Day Ideas - A picnic in the Park


We can head out to a very cozy coffee shop and grab a delicious cuppa and chat. We don’t do that often enough and its both of our favourite things.

Valentine's Day Ideas - Grab a Coffee


You love pasta. I adore pasta. For dinner we can be adventurous in the kitchen and make homemade pasta with homemade sauce. As difficult as that sounds, I think it would be easy and fun. Especially with a glass of wine … Or a bottle or two.

Valentine's Day Ideas - Make Homemade Pasta


To work off everything we consumed, we can see who is the king pin and ten pin bowling. The last time we played was so long ago, so lets see who has improved over time (I think its still me). Whoever wins, gets a massage from the loser. Deal!

Valentine's Day Ideas - Ten Pin Bowling


If you reaaaaally feel you have to, I don’t mind a bunch of roses. But I also don’t mind waiting for the next day when they not triple their normal price.


Chocolate is never the question, it is always the answer. So if you’re really stuck with ideas, I am always happy with chocolate.

So, thats my plan and some ideas for a super romantic Valentine’s Day.


P.S. I’ll make some space in the lounge for the teddy bear.



  1. I am so going to leave this letter open on my desktop so my husband can get some ideas for Sunday! 🙂

  2. LOVED this, Loren!! We also go crazy for a farmers market, ten pin bowling and waffles. Where was the picture of your picnic taken? It’s beautiful. I think I’ll move my office there 😉

  3. The picture of the picnic was taken on a cheese farm in Nottingham Road in the Midlands – so beautiful there. Thank you for reading xx


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