The Spring menu at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient Hotel


We arrived at The Orient Hotel for the official launch of Chantel Dartnall’s spring menu and the re-opening of Restaurant Mosaic. Driving in through the Francolin Conservation area into the Moorish-style castle, definitely got us excited with our tastebuds frolicking. We knew we were in for a real five star fairytale experience.

Being in a world pandemic, the new normal on arrival to a restaurant is having your temperature checked. This was done in a not so out-of-the-ordinary way along with a pocket friendly bottle of sanitiser being handed over. These protocols definitely ensured a sense of ease.

We then took a walk through the Legacy Art Museum with a glass of Piper-Heidsick Champagne in hand. Admiring all the art while sipping on a glass of bubbles was a welcome change to being cooped up at home for several months in a national lockdown. Soon after we were guided to Restaurant Mosaic. It was finally time to enjoy the fairytale that is Chef Dartnall’s new spring menu “Nasturtium”.


The new spring menu pays homage to Mother Nature. In true Chef Dartnall style, it is named after flowers. It just so happens that the menu is named after the nasturtium flower. This flower is known for having rejuvenating and healing properties. The leaves and petals of a nasturtium are extremely nutritious as they contain vitamin C, iron and have antibiotic properties. Chef Dartnall brought to our attention that the concept of this new menu was decided long before the pandemic started. What a coincidence!

Chef Dartnall takes you on a journey with this new spring menu. Each dish is accompanied by a story or memory from Chef Dartnall’s travels. It feels like you are reliving these special moments with Chef Dartnall at the river mouth of Storms River, when she was in Paris at the Marché Président Wilson or life at The Orient. While you savour each dish, your senses are also taken on a journey. From taste, smell, texture and touch, no sense is left untouched. .


Special mention must be made to the wine. Head Sommelier Moses Magwaza carefully selected each wine to complement each dish and without this the experience would not have been complete. It is no wonder the wine cellar at Restaurant Mosaic has won countless awards!

The magic of Mosaic is an experience like no other. It is the perfect culinary escape into a fairytale world.

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