The new Game concept store in Mall of Africa


I remember the good old days when I would accompany my parents to our favourite Game. Whether it was to get a new washing machine, lilo’s for the swimming pool, or even stationery for school, it always felt like an exciting outing. I also always felt like a kid in a candy store. Fast forward a good few years later and times have changed. What I love though, is that Game is changing with these times. Game have recently launched their concept store in Mall of Africa. After a recent visit to the store, I’m excited to tell you what a fantastic shopping experience I had. This new concept store is making positive strides with new innovative ideas and is definitely future-ready!

This is what I found to be really exciting in the new Game concept store in Mall of Africa:

  • Various store categories which made it easier for me to navigate and locate a specific item in the category.
  • There are vending machines strategically placed around the store offering product samples.
  • A children’s play area so the children don’t get bored while the parents shop up a storm.
  • Interactive demonstration zones across the categories where I could test products – I even took a bicycle around the bicycle track which was great fun!
  • These interactive demonstration zones are even in the electronics section and pram section, so you can have a look at any of these items before buying. I cannot wait to return and put a few cameras to the test. And one day in the near future, test out a few prams.
  • There is free Wi-Fi in-store. For a millennial, like myself, this is definitely a winner!
  • I loved the price check booths and electronic shelf labels.
  • And lastly, the self-checkout counters offering a quick and easy checkout option.

Exciting, innovative and interactive shopping experiences are all the future right now. Experiences like this are definitely changing the shopping game. From my experience in this new concept store, it is evident that Game knows exactly what they doing. I felt like I was still a kid in a candy store, but one that is more intuitive, modern and future ready! For someone like me, who loves shopping, it’s a whole new experience. And for someone like my partner, who hates shopping, he loved every exciting. minute in the store.

Visit the new Game concept store in Mall of Africa


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