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A little while ago we went on an adventure up the West Coast and stopped over in Paternoster. This was my first time driving up the West Coast to Paternoster, so after doing all the necessary research, there were several things that made me very excited about this trip, namely:

Paternoster is a quaint little fishing village, and the last of its kind in South Africa;

We were visiting Paternoster during the peak crayfish season;

There are cozy restaurants offering the best of the best seafood;

All the beach homes are blue and white, making it look like mini Greece;

The beach is very picturesque with rusty fishing boats parked on the sand; and

There is not much to do in Paternoster, except go for walks, read a book, eat a lot of crayfish, drink a lot of wine and just unwind and relax

After about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town and having stopped at every padstal on the way for refreshments, we arrived in Paternoster.

There is not much to welcome you, just a bottle store, one or two shops, white and blue houses … And a few locals selling crayfish (which we did not buy!).
PaternosterPaternosterPaternosterWhat I love about Paternoster …

The way it takes you away from the big city life. You kind of feel like you have escaped it all. With nothing else to do but go for walks, watch the sunsets, and grasp in all the natural seaside beauty, it feels like you are a million miles away. There is no shopping centre and hardly any proper shops, besides for a cafe and a bottle store. So you pretty much have to buy only booze πŸ™‚ So all we did was go for walks on the beach, watch the beautiful sunsets, drink lots of wine, and eat quite a bit of seafood. PaternosterPaternosterIf you are a gourmet guzzler (like me) and in search of delicious seafood, you will definitely be satisfied in Paternoster. From oysters, to mussels and calamari to crayfish, we left having succumbed to all our cravings. 

Paternoster Paternoster

Would I go back to Paternoster? Yes. Definitely.


The best part of any road trip is stopping at farm stalls along the way to buy all the fresh local produce. We stopped at one just outside of Vredenburg. We had the most indescribable fresh farm bread (straight out of the oven) with farm butter and apricot jam. As well as the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life (seriously!). If I could I would take a drive to this farm stall every day just to have this treat. It was that good!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Paternoster sounds like a dream worth visiting, perhaps for my birthday weekend next year! Thank you for this x

  2. Loved this! I’ve been to Paternoster a few years ago and you described it just as I remembered it πŸ™‚

  3. Paternoster is a precious little holiday spot thats definitely worth visiting. I hope you plan an exciting birthday getaway πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading xx

  4. Hi Lo, Paternoster EXACTLY as you portrayed it. We absolutely loved it there❀️

  5. Great photos. I love Paternoster as a West Coast breakaway. A good, quiet little hideaway place to get away from the city, that’s for sure!


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