Picture Perfect Pretville



Picture this: walking around a 1950’s film set like you the main star of the show.

Well this can happen, easily, in Pretville. Pretville is the film set of an Afrikaans musical, set in the 1050’s, in a small, vibrant and very colourful town, just near Haartbeesport. The set is open on weekends only from 9am, and with an entrance of R60 for adults and R30 for children, you can be time warped back to an era of vintage cars, colourful buildings and a 1950’s style diner where you feel like you’re part of a scene from Grease. The only operational building that you can go into is the diner. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, milkshakes and a few other interesting treats.


Le bf and I took a drive out to Pretville a few Sundays ago when we were looking for something fun to do. Pretville is about 45 minutes away from Johannesburg. It is just outside of Haartbeesport, so it isn’t a far drive at all. To walk around this interesting little place took us about an hour or so, as we were soaking up all the buildings and walking into the rooms analysing the antiques on show. We then went into the diner and shared a burger, a strawberry milkshake and a bubblegum milkshake. And, they were so good!

Have you been to Pretville?

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