Tea and scones at the Scone Shack in Cape Town


While we were in Cape Town recently on a very long summer holiday, we had a bucket list (AKA a to-do list) of everything we wanted to do. You can check out this list in this blog post titled Minkys Cape Town holiday bucket list. We managed to tick off a lot from this list, which I will do a separate post on. But along the way we also added more to the list. Like, visit the Scone Shack in Cape Town near Cape Point. So one cold misty day, we made our way to Cape Point and my goodness, it was exciting.

The Scone Shack

The Scone Shack is completely off the grid on a little farm situated just before Cape Point. We missed the sign that you’re supposed to turn off but after realising not so long after we made a u-turn and we finally found the Scone Shack. We parked our car and made our way to the Scone Shack. Free roaming chickens, a pig and a few other farm animals welcomed us. It really was exciting to be somewhere different.

The Scone Shack is a a very rustic but oh so cute shack. Inside is a little kitchen where all the magic happens and a few tables and chairs. Outside is a lovely tea garden in a beautiful setting. The shack is made from an old collection of repurposed windows.

The Scones

The scones are baked everyday in a wood burning oven. New batches of scones are baked when needed throughout the day, so they are always fresh! Not only are there traditional scones, but also vegan and gluten free. The jams are homemade in a potjie on the fire using seasonal fruit and as little sugar is possible. Some of the jam flavours are apple and cinnamon, pawpaw, pineapple and ginger, pear and star anise.

The menu is limited to fresh scones, tea, plunger coffee, hot chocolates, milkshakes and chai lattes. Some days you may find there is a carrot cake, Cape Brandy pudding or a Pecan Pie with ice cream on offer.

The scones are served with fresh butter, cream and homemade jam. And they are absolutely delicious! They have a special smoky taste from the wood burning oven. They are crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. We had the apple and cinnamon jam which was tasty. And the freshly whipped cream was velvety!

Everyone says these are the best scones in Cape Town, and we definitely agree and give them a two thumbs up 🙂

Tip: The Scone Shack in Cape Town only accepts cash. So make sure you have cash with you!

Phone: 079 045 1318
Address: Lalaphanzi Farm, Plateau Rd, Cape Point Cape Town


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