The 3 best burger spots in Jozi and Cape Town


I love a delicious juicy burger with all the trimmings … So because of this I like trying all different burger spots to see what they have to offer. One of my favourite kind of burger spot is one that has a fast food kind of vibe but make quality burgers using quality ingredients. These burger spots definitely stand out because their burgers are just SO good. So are their fries. And their milkshakes!

Out of all the burger spots I have tried, these have come out as the top 3 contenders in Johannesburg and Cape Town:

1. BGR in Johannesburg

BGR’s burgers are juicy, full of flavour and just absolutely delicious. What makes BGR’s burgers SO good is that they pride themselves with only the highest quality ingredients. The patties are made with freshly ground beef using a secret blend of only whole cuts of meat. The patties are never frozen and are hand formed daily. The hamburger buns are made with real milk and have no preservatives. The fries are imported and are always perfectly crispy. They use real mayo and a BBQ sauce that has a delicious smokey flavour.

What I order: A simple cheese burger with fries on the side and the homemade lemonade.

Where: 19 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Click here for the full menu.

2. JUNIOR in Cape Town

When I asked some of my foodie friends in Cape Town where the best burgers are from, they all said Junior … And they know their stuff! I have had Junior countless times whenever I visit Cape Town and I must say, their burgers are top class!

Junior is focused on take-aways but there is a sit down area. The menu is small but the choice of gourmet burgers, chips, milkshakes and doughnuts makes up for it. The quality of the food is emphasized in every aspect, so this isn’t your average take-away burger spot.

What I order: I alternate between a simple cheese burger and the chicken burger … Or sometimes both! Their coleslaw is also so delicious!

Where: 16 Kloof Nek Road, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

Click here for their website

3. EMPIRE BURGER CO. in Johannesburg

Empire Burger Co. is not your average takeaway burger joint because they serve tasty burgers using quality ingredients and they are made with extra care! The menu at Empire is small but that isn’t a bad thing, because a place that serves just burgers should just serve burgers! Does that make sense?

On the menu, alongside mouth watering burgers, you will also find freshly made fries, cold brew coffee, homemade ice tea and milkshakes.

What I order: Just a regular cheese burger, fries and the homemade ice tea peach.

Where: 255 Rivonia Road, The Wedge Shopping Centre, Morningside

Click here for their website and menu

Have you tried any of these burger spots?


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