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Blueberries for breakfast – yes please. Blueberries on pancakes with whipped cream – yes please. Blueberry jam on toast – yes please. Blueberry body scrub … umm, what? Today on the blog I’ll be reviewing the latest treat from The Body Shop – the oh so yummy Blueberry Body Scrub – Gelee. It looks like jam, but alas it aint!

Special Edition Blueberry Range – the Body Shop has brought out a limited edition range of blueberry products. In the collection you will find a body butter, shower gel, lip butter and the body scrub. Each product is jam packed (see what I did there?) with the oils from 500 blueberries. To say it is a fragrance extravaganza is putting it lightly! I bought the body butter and the body scrub, but today I’ll only be reviewing the body scrub – why? Because I think it looks a lot more intriguing and exciting than the body butter 🙂

Blueberry Body Scrub – this is a gentle exfoliating body scrub with fine particles of blueberry goodness. The consistency is jelly like or jam like 😉 Each pot contains the oils from 500 blueberries as well as Community Fair Trade honey, which is made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. So, simply put, this scrub contains a lot of the good stuff for your skins benefit – from honey to blueberry oils, its a winner! If you would like to read more about Fair Trade honey and what it does for your skin you can read it HERE, and if you would like to read the benefits of blueberries on your skin you can read below:

What does the scrub do? Like all body scrubs and exfoliants it lifts away dead skin cells, helps stimulate the skin surface micro-circulation and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother. Whilst doing all of this, you also getting the beneficial properties of the blueberry oil goodness, together with the uplifting blueberry scent.

My Review: First of all, when I opened up the tub for the first time I got a whiff of pure and fresh fruitiness. It makes a change from sweet smelling and artificial scents like vanilla, coconut or chocolate. I then put my finger in it and noticed that the scrub is very gelly like with little fruity blueberry bits in it. This also makes a change from your normal sugar scrubs that have abrasive properties in it. Since I bought it a few weeks ago, I have used the scrub several times in the shower.

I first used it to try scrub off self-tan that I had applied a few days before. I noticed that the scrub did not do a good job in removing the already-disappearing-self-tan off my skin And in an attempt to rid my skin of the ugly self-tan remnants I was forced to use my Breakfast Scrub which did the job. So what I’m saying is that the blueberry body scrub is extremely gentle on your skin and does not contain harsh or abrasive exfoliants. And if you’re looking for a gentle every day scrub, this is perfect.
What I love about the scrub is the scent, the gentleness and how beneficial blueberry oil is for your skin. I noticed that my skin was definitely left feeling soft, firm and supple after every application. It’s a nice change to use a fruity gel scrub compared to a sweet smelling sugar scrub.

Would I buy it again? Yes! But I’ll have to stock up on it as its a limited edition and won’t be available in the shops for long. I asked the shop assistant for how long the blueberry range will be in stores, and her response was “until we sell out of all of this on the shelve”. I don’t know if she was being serious, but I think if you want to try this scrub, you better get to your nearest Body Shop ASAP 🙂

Price: R90 from your nearest Body Shop

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  1. It looks perfect for tea and scones! Glad to know its a gentle scrub because I generally look for a stronger one for removing self tan too. It must smell delicious! Great review, Minky! 🙂 xxx

  2. Amazing review- I love your introduction paragraph. You’ve made me rather hungry haha. Your pictures really capture the jam look of the scrub. Will definitely be heading to my nearest body shop after reading this 🙂 Carla xx

  3. It does look perfect for tea and scones 🙂 Now I want tea and scones! It really is a gentle scrub that you can use every second day and it won’t be too abrasive on your skin. Thank you for reading and commenting Leanne xxx

  4. Mmmm, sounds like it smells heavenly! I like that is super gentle, I have sensitive skin so this sounds perfect, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Great review Loren! Sounds like a real treat of a scrub! The Body Shop never disappoints 😀


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