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Sunday mornings are for lying in bed extra late, drinking coffee and reading a good book – its one of my favorite things to do. But I like to make sure I have a yummy breakfast planned. So last week Sunday I had left over Kitkah bread, which is similar to brioche but maybe a bit sweeter. And in the fridge I had a tub of Woolworths new Low Fat Chocolate Cream Cheese. So I made toast and spread the chocolate cream cheese over. I wish I could explain to you how yummy it was, especially lying in bed eating this deliciousness with a hot cup of coffee. And to add to this cozyness, it was cold and rainy. This weekend, I’ll be making french toast with chocolate cream cheese and sliced bananas…  Mmm 😛

{Thank you Woolies for making my toast a lot more interesting in the morning :)}


(The Blueberry range from the Body Shop is so fruity. Will do a review on these goodies soon!}


{The weather in Joburg has been rainy and cold, which has forced me to eat a lot of cake and sip on a lot of cups of tea}


{Oh and also, thanks to weather, I’m forced to have a gingerbread latte way too often to. They are so good!}
{I was lucky enough to attend the Elle Beauty Awards Ceremony}
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  1. Ooooh, that cream cheese sounds delicious…it literally made my mouth water! Haha!

    I almost purchased The Body Shop’s Blueberry line online not long ago, but decided to wait for a review, I’m looking forward to yours!

  2. Kitke is the best. We usually have French toast with our leftovers. The chocolate cream cheese has just upped the leftover meal!

  3. That chocolate cream cheese looks so decadent! PS just a word of caution to all those watching their waistlines…a low fat cream cheese is not really low fat. It needs to say cottage cheese and must be less than 3g fat / 100g. But at least it should sort out your chocolate fix for the week 😉

  4. oh my word, the chocolate cream cheese sounds heavenly! must be divine on french toast. I’m going to give the gingerbread lattes a try now too! congrats for attending the Elle Awards – must have been great!

  5. Haha, apologies for making your mouth water 😉 I will be doing a review soon on the Body Shops Blueberry range, so keep your eyes peeled Lily 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting ♥


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