The Cosiest Coffee Shops in Cape Town


I’m sure you know by now that I like to make a point of finding ultra cosy coffee spots. Because I love coffee, I love a cosy vibe and I love to try new places, this habit is second nature to me. While I was in Cape Town, this habit proved itself as “research”.

Here are 5 of the cosiest coffee shops in Cape Town …


Dinkel is a traditional German bakery in Kloof Nek, Gardens. They sell traditional 100% rye, poppyseed cake and apple cake, as well as delicious pastries, breakfasts and lunch. Not only is the food absolutely delicious but it very true to German cuisine. If you opt for one of the breakfasts, instead of ordering a slice of toast, you can order a toasted pretzel. Just a smear of butter on the toasted pretzel and its the best think you’ll ever have. The coffee is superb too!

The interior is beautifully decorated and perfectly emulates the kind of coffee shop you will find in Germany. Even the aromas of fresh bread and rich coffee permeates the shop giving off more of a European bakery vibe.

We visited Dinkel often, and each visit the weather played its part. It was raining and cold, and it was just so cosy.

91 Kloof Nek Rd, Gardens, Cape Town
+27(0)21 424 3217


DV Cottage Cafe is the cutest little coffee roastery and homemade ice-cream shop at the Spice Route in Paarl. They have a selection of cakes, serve freshly roasted coffee and authentic delicious homemade ice cream.

The interior has a few pink pieces which definitely had me in love. The views are gorgeous. And the treats are superb!

We stopped here for a quick coffee after having had lunch at La Grapperia, and it was amazing.

DV Cottage Cafe:
021 863 0854


The Larder is situated in Block & Chisel, Diep River. It is an intimate little spot with an open plan kitchen so you can watch the going ons in the kitchen. The menu offers a variety of delicious healthy treats, superb coffee and freshly baked goods. The vibe is relaxed, the food is delicious and the waiters are so friendly and compassionate.

While you wait for your food you can take a stroll through the Block & Chisel and set your heart on a few items for the home.

If this little spot wasn’t such a drive, it would see me every morning for brunch (when I am in Cape Town). I had the Avo Crush, which is avo, a soft poached egg, feta and some chilli on sourdough bread. It was superb. I cannot wait to return when I am back in Cape Town for the Johnny Depp (read here why it is called that).

The Larder:
021 712 1961


Vygevellai Farm Stall is on the West Coast Road (the R27) and is about an hours drive from Cape Town. The farm stall is home to the cosiest little coffee shop, a wine house, an area for the kids to play and a little farmyard with some farm animals.

The coffee shop is so cosy, especially in winter because there is a fire place ready to warm you up. They have a big selection on the menu, including slices of fresh baked farm bread with butter and jam. This is exactly what we came for, plus coffee. We got both, and we left wanting more.

If you would like to read more about Vygevellai Farm Stall, read here.

071 658 0874


Giovanni’s is a haven for all foodies alike, in Greenpoint. You’ll find a cheese and meat counter, a cooked food deli section, a pantry with only the best selection including imported goodies, and a fridge full of heat and eat meals. It is the best place for anything. For breakfast, for lunch, for a quick bite, to pack a picnic hamper for the beach, for a quick cup of coffee, for a snack, or even for a dinner party.

There is also a coffee counter where you can enjoy your delicious coffee and a croissant while watching the cool peeps sip on their coffee and eat their croissant. Its a great place for people watching, to put it lightly. Ha!

If you must, the bar one cheesecake is absolutely superb. But only if you must 😉

Giovanni’s: 103 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town





  1. Aaaaaah, now I miss Giovanni’s! My Cape Town home was literally 200m from Giovanni’s and our friends and us would often meet up after work for a quick chat and coffee. Will definitely your other recommendations if we visit CT next year!


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