Things to do on a Sunday: Visit the Cheese Farm in Magaliesberg


Did you know there is a cheese farm in Magaliesburg? We didn’t know either until we took a drive out on Sunday and came across Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij. It’s not just a cheese farm though, there’s a very interesting shop, a restaurant as well as some hiking trails.

The cheese farm is situated in Skeerpoort, which is a village at the foot of the majestic Magaliesberg mountains, so it isn’t a very far drive from Johannesburg. The owner of the farm left the Netherlands in 1990 and moved to Skeerpoort. She started making cheese as a hobby, but as the demand for Boerenkaas grew, it became a successful venture, and now over 30 different cheeses are being produced following traditional Dutch recipes. Just to name a few, you will find Gouda (in different stages of maturity), cumin cheese, stinging nettle cheese, garlic and onion cheese, and Italian herb cheese.

Unfortunately we didn’t do this as we visited the farm on a Sunday, but every Wednesday and Saturday, you can do a tour around the cheese farm. It combines a demonstration of the cheese making process with a special Dutch cheese tasting. The tour also includes a cup of coffee or juice and a slice of Dutch Apple Cake.

What we did do though, is enjoy a cheese platter at the restaurant. The cheese platter was huge and we got to taste some of the best cheese on offer. With a glass of wine, it was delicious! After this we donned our hiking gear, and did the 5 km river view hiking trail. It was so nice to get out, enjoy the fresh air and soak up the beautiful scenery.

So if you live in Jozi and you love yourself some cheese, head to Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij. You’ll indulge in some delicious cheese, buy some fascinating goodies from Netherlands, like a pair of clogs, and enjoy the fresh air and being outdoors. Picnic hampers are also available but must be booked a day in advance!





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