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Hello and welcome to a new series on the blog called what’s new in the shops? I am going to try do a post like this once a month covering all the latest goodies I come across when I do my shopping as well as goodies that get sent to me. One of my favourite things when I go grocery shopping is to look for things with the “new” sticker on them … I don’t know why but I just love trying new things and if you’re reading this blog you probably do too.

seltzer essence sparkling flavoured drink

There’s a new flavoured water by Seltzer on the market which is something rather different but delicious. It’s described as a sparkling flavoured drink, but for me, it’s more like a spritzer as the flavouring is very subtle. Don’t get me wrong though, I much prefer this to over sweetened flavoured waters that feel you leaving thirstier than before. I like that this is refreshing, subtly flavoured and you’re still getting in your water. These waters are sugar free and are made with only natural flavours, which is always a win! This water comes in three flavours: watermelon and mixed berry, pink grapefruit and strawberry and green apple and mint. The green apple and mint is my favourite!

• Price: between R7.99 and R9.99
• From: Spars, Pick n Pays and petrol station shops around the country

banana bread rusks

The best part about winter is waking up to a hot cup of coffee and rusks! It is my favourite thing, without a doubt! The other day I was walking around Woolworths when I came across these banana bread rusks and without exaggerating, my excitement levels went into overdrive. I absolutely love a slice of banana bread with butter and a cup of tea in the afternoon, so these rusks have become a staple when it comes to my afternoon tea time treat.

• Price: between R39.99
• From: Woolworths

750ml wine glass

Can you imagine decanting an entire wine bottle into one wine glass? Nope, I can’t imagine either. But guess what? It’s possible! I spotted these 750ml wine glasses at Typo and although I was tempted to buy myself one, I didn’t. I am still in two minds though whether I should go back and get it … Should I?

• Price: R200
• From: Typo

yum yum go! smooth peanut butter

I love peanut butter so much that I can eat it straight off the spoon. Yum Yum have now brought out a single serving on-the-go peanut butter sachet which makes for the perfect snack! I wish I was still in school so I could keep these in my lunch box. Instead I am keeping them in my drawer in my desk (don’t tell anyone!)

• Price: about R30 for a box of 18 sachets
• From: most supermarkets

danone yo-jelly

When that afternoon craving hits and all I want is something sweet but at the same time something healthy, I now reach for a tub of the new Yo-Jelly by Danone. This is a yoghurt and jelly snack in one and it is rather yummy. I’ve always been a fan of jelly and custard, and to some degree this is just as good! I know they were made with kids in mind, but I am still a kid at heart and love them. My favourite flavour is definitely banana!

• Price: R13.99
• From: most supermarkets


  1. OOOOH! Woollies just does the most delicious bakes things! I just discovered their “everything but the kitchen sink” cookies and I am obsessed with them!


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