3 Waffle Spots To Try This Weekend


If you don’t have anything planned for the weekend and you have a sweet tooth like me, then check out my three favourite spots where you will find the best waffles in Johannesburg, to give you something yummy and fun to do …

Café Bruegel 

Café Bruegel is a cute and cozy little coffee shop in Edenvale offering a variety of savoury and sweet Belgian waffles. The savoury combinations include chicken and mushroom, cheesy salami, a burger waffle or even spinach and feta waffles. The sweet combinations include bar-one, dutch apple, banana caramel and banana split waffles.

So the choice is endless and whether you’re more savoury or sweet, you will be in a for a real treat.

The waffles are freshly made upon order. They are crispy, delicious and not overly sweet as there is no sugar in the batter.

With a big selection to choose from, I decided to show off the traditional strawberry and ice-cream special because nothing quite beats this simple combination.

Best thing about Café Bruegel: No sugar in the waffle batter! And their coffee is amazing.

Where: Corner Horwood Street & 8th Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesburg.

Best Waffles - Cafe Breugel - Belgian Waffle

Fourways Farmers Market

Farmers markets are the best place to buy fresh, local produce. They are also a fun way to socialise with your friends while eating good food and soaking up the fresh air. The Fourways Farmers Market is no different, except for the fact that they are home to a Belgian waffle stand. Here you will find the most decadent Belgian waffles and a selection of toppings that will remind you of a sweet childhood. From Nutella, to condensed milk, jelly tots and smarties, or fresh fruit and ice cream, you will want to pile all of this onto your waffle.

I settled on a simple combination. Chocolate sauce, sliced banana, condensed milk and ice cream. Oh and extra chocolate sauce. Yes, my definition of simple is a little different to yours. Ha!

Best thing about Fourways Farmers Market: The vibe!

Where: Corner of William Nicol Drive & Monte Casino Boulevard, Fourways, Johannesburg.

Best Waffles - Fourways Farmers Market - Belgian Waffles

What makes a Belgian Waffle different to a normal waffle?

Belgian Waffle is golden and crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside, and has deep pockets ready to be filled with toppings. In comparison to normal waffles, Belgian Waffles are yeast-based and are made in a waffle iron with a deeper, larger grid pattern.

Milky Lane

If you never had a birthday party at the Milky Lane in your youth then stop reading this, right now! The Milky Lane was my favourite hangout ever … And still is. They used to make eggnogs, which were the B E S T! The boyfriend and I love popping by our nearest Milky Lane on a Sunday afternoon for a little treat. If we’re not having a swirly whirly whizzer, then we opt for a bar one and banana waffle. Simple, delicious and old school! I also ask for extra bar one sauce. It is so good!

Best thing about Milky Lane: Feeling like a kid in a candy store, again! The menu is huge with such an exciting selection of sweet treats!

Where: Most shopping centres.

Best Waffles - Milky Lane

If you know of any more awesome waffle spots, comment below and let me know.



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