Five Favourite Things


1. New Coffee Mug from Superbalist

I collect tea cups and coffee mugs. And I like to use a different one for a different hot drink. My Le Creuset is for coffee because it keeps it warm for longer and it just tastes better in a Le Creuset. And my colourful and fun ones, like this new one from Superbalist, is for tea, especially green tea.

I am not the biggest fan of plain green tea as the taste scares me. But I know that it contains a lot of anti-oxidants which does the world of good to our bodies. So thankfully Five Roses brought out an apple and pear flavoured green tea, which I have grown an addiction to. I love that the apple and pear flavour is so powerful and the green tea taste is barely there, if not there at all. Apple and pear is such a refreshing combination and I find myself craving the taste. I also love how you are still reaping the benefits of green tea.

This new mug I have added to my collection is from Superbalist – how cute is it?

2. Chocolate Cake at The Velvet Cake Co

I clearly have a sweet tooth and there is no denying it. If I could, I would eat a slice of cake for breakfast, lunch and supper. I love cake and the proof is in this post when I was in search of a specific kind of cake! Having said that, while I was in Cape Town recently I had to pay the new Velvet Cake Co  in Loop Street a visit. As I walked into this pretty shop I was taken aback by not only the very colourful and pretty shop but also all the cakes and sweet treats on offer.

This little shop is a feast for the eyes and the mouth. We tasted a slice of the mouth-watering-oozey chocolate cake that is definitely from the movie Matilda. It was moist, decadent, chocolatey and gooey … Which is everything I look for in a slice of chocolate cake. And to this day I am still dreaming of another slice!

To see what other insanely delicious cakes on offer, visit their website here.

3. The Girl On The Train

After reading all the mixed reviews on this book, I was still adamant to read it. So I got myself a copy and haven’t been able to put it down. Its one of those books that sucks you right in from the beginning, especially with its very interesting selection of characters, and you just want to get to the very last page to see what happens.

I am nearly finished the book but I don’t want to say too much here. I’ll leave the exciting review for my Book Club post.

You can read more from my Book Club here.

I am going to find it difficult to find another book like this that just grabs me in. So if you have any great recommendations please let me know!

4. Coconut Oil

I only jumped onto the coconut oil bandwagon recently and I wish I had started using this miracle stuff sooner. I use coconut oil as an intense hair mask, as mentioned before in this post. I have also started adding 2 tablespoons to my hot bubble baths when I treat myself to my weekly pamper nights. I have started applying just a little bit to my face when its feeling a little dry and in need of TLC. And I have also started cooking with it.

If there is something we all need in our beauty cabinets, its a jar of organic virgin coconut oil. Its miracle stuff and treats just about anything and everything!

This 400ml jar is from Dischem for about R89.

5. Water, Water, Water

I am going to admit something but nobody get a fright … I don’t like the taste of water! And because I don’t like the taste of water, I’ll be lucky if I drink half a cup in a day. Yes, I know how bad it is. But this has all changed. A few weeks ago, I was away with my dad and he noticed how I hardly ever reached for a glass of water. After lecturing me just a ‘lil, he then bought me a pink bottle (knowing my favourite colour is pink) hoping it will encourage me to drink water. And it definitely has 🙂 To combat the taste, I have been putting slices of lemon, sometimes some grapefruit and even mint, in my water.

This pink bottle goes everywhere with me now. Filled with water. Of course!


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