Say Hello to Dooey … the Real Easter Bunny



If you have been looking for the real Easter bunny, he’s with me. And his name is Dooey. He also responds to names such as “Little Furball”, “Fluffy Chicken”, “Dooey the Doo-meister”, “Mr Chinwags” and lastly “Big Fluffy Termite”.

Maybe he isn’t the real Easter bunny, but he sure looks like him, to me.

Dooey is a Netherland Dwarf and is about 10 months old. After contemplating many different names for this little furball, the name we loved the most was Dooey. Mine and le bf’s favourite show is Malcolm in the Middle and our favourite person in the show is little Dewey Wilkerson – the naughty younger brother of Malcolm. If you look at Dooey quickly, he has the same face as Dewey Wilkerson. Ha!

Dooey’s favourite snacks include apple, but not Granny Smith apples as they’re too sour for him. He loves spinach (baby spinach, preferably) and carrots. Sometimes he will try something different, but he sticks to those 3 treats as he loves sweet things – he seems to have a sweet tooth just like me, his mum!

He is most active in the early morning and at night where you will find him running and doing binkies across the floor. You will also find Dooey lying against my feet when I am busy on my laptop, and if I am ignoring him, he will push his little nose against my slipper until I say “hellooooo tooootoooooo” and he will then run off and do a flip in the air.

Some of Dooeys hobbies include sleeping, napping, rolling over into a foetus position, nibbling on anything in his way and lastly, posing for the camera (as seen below). Dooey was once featured in Play-Bunny but hopes to grace the cover of Vogue magazine one day. He is working hard towards this dream, by sticking to a vegan diet and fitting in his daily exercise.

Anyway, Dooey has a message for everyone:

“Happy Easter, everybun!”

The Real Easter Bunny

Top left: au naturale
Top right: “hello … can you hear me?”
Bottom left: Dooey’s good side
Bottom right: working it! working it!

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  1. Ag man, Dooey is just the episome of cuteness!!!
    I’ve never had a bunny or had friends or family that does. Are they like dogs and cats inside the house or are they rather independant, on their own animals?
    Thanks for sharing him with us!

  2. Aaah Dooey is going to be so happy 😉 Bunnies make for perfect indoor pets! Little Dooey is litter trained, he hops around the flat but sleeps in a cage at night or when we not at home, and he jumps onto our laps for some love. They’re in-between cats and dogs 🙂 Thank you for reading xx

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