Five Favourite Things


A new series, delicious ice cream and a luxurious hand cream
are just a few of my favourite things.


As I type this post I am functioning on a few hours sleep and drinking coffee out my Le Creuset dolphin mug. Why? Because I pulled an all-nighter watching 13 Reasons Why. Well not such an all-nighter as I was asleep by 3. I have never been a series kind of girl (no, Gilmore Girls does not count!) but I was glued to this show. It is totally gripping from the very start and I think it is an absolute must watch for everyone. Without giving away too much, it is about Hannah Baker, a high school student’s, suicide. All the secrets that killed her come out in a dark, harrowing and shocking way. It is honestly a must watch.

beauty stuff

I have only ever heard and read amazing things about Luca’s Papaw Ointment. It can be used for boils, burns, cuts, cracked skin, insect bites, nappy rash and just about everything. When I was overseas last year I bought back quite a few tubes of this stuff and I solemnly swear by it. It is something that everyone should carry in their handbag for just incase. I use it for my lips, itchy bites, burns, to keep my eyebrows in place and for my cuticles.
Apparently you can find a similar product at Dischem (called Dr Paw Paw) which I am yet to see on the shelves. But if you want the Luca’s Papaw Ointment that I swear by you can find it on takealot for R139 a tube.

ice cream

I want to share a funny little story with you about Pauls Homemade Ice Cream. About 6 or 7 years ago, before Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream came about, Paul used to have ice cream tasting days out his garage. He would make an event on Facebook, invite some people, and everyone would pitch up at his house on a Sunday afternoon. Some were his friends, but some were total strangers, like myself, wanting to enjoy some ice cream on a glorious Sunday. Ever since these ice cream tasting days, so many years ago, I knew Paul’s ice cream would become the best in South Africa. There was just something so delicious, so flavourful, yet so natural about this ice cream that hit all the right spots and made everyone want more and more.

Today, PHIC is sold all over and there are 5 stores in Johannesburg. From banting and vegan options to ice cream cakes and absolutely delicious flavours, everyone will be happy. What I love most about PHIC though is the absolutely delicious flavour combinations that just compliment each other so well. Think white chocolate and lavender, roasted banana and nutella, madagascan vanilla and honeycomb, and milk chocolate and toasted coconut just to name a few.

Pictured above is white chocolate and lavender (top) and roasted coconut (bottom). It was a total melt in your mouth combo.


You can never own too many shoes, especially Superga’s.

Superga’s come in different colours and styles. And I have a confession to make: I have nearly all of them. From plain white, to baby pink, rose gold, and shimmery gold, they all have a special place in my cupboard (and in my heart). Now I’ve just added these ultra gorgeous snakeskin’s to my collection.

How beautiful are they?

hand cream

If you have ever wondered what an ultra luxurious, yet affordable, hand cream feels and smells like, it is this absolute treat from Dove Derma Spa. It feels so soft, so rich and so creamy, like proper cashmere, let me add, and it also smells so luxurious.

I bought this tube from Clicks a few weeks back and I have used it religiously, every single day. Its nearly finished and when I go to the shops this week I’ll be buying another tube as well as a few more goodies from this range. So the next time you’re at Clicks, get yourself a tube of this. I swear, it will be the best hand cream you have ever laid your hands in/on 😉



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