Five Favourite Things

Coffee, a new sushi restaurant and a Sunday sundowner spot are just a few of my favourite things …

hug in a mug cinnamon bun flavour

Imagine two of your favourite things combined into one, coffee and a cinnamon bun. Well we have Hug in a Mug (by House of Coffees) to thank because they have just launched the new Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino flavour and it is just that. It is coffee with a hint of cinnamon flavour. These little sachets of deliciousness are so nifty for when you feel like a little afternoon treat. All you do is mix the sachet of powder into boiling water and it creates a delicious milky, foaming cappuccino. You don’t even need to grab a snack because with the cinnamon bun flavour, all your sweet tooth cravings are satisfied.

These little sachets of goodness are just the best when its cold, rainy and you’re all snuggled up with nowhere to go. I find myself in this position quite often come winter time. I just don’t want to get out of bed. So I make a cinnamon bun cuppa, grab my book and stay put.

sushi burrito & co.

I bet you didn’t except to read the words sushi and burrito in the same sentence. There is a new sushi spot that has opened up in Melrose Arch Johannesburg called Sushi Burrito & Co. and it has me all excited! Why, because I love sushi with a twist. You will find things like sushi burrito’s, boa’s, poke bowls and so much.

The salmon poke bowl is a bowl of absolutely deliciousness (pictured above).

The other day I asked on Twitter what hand cream I can use because my poor hands take such a beating come winter time. So the very knowledgeable Azraa from Prettiful Blog suggested I try the Human & Kind Family Remedy Cream which you can buy from This woman knows her stuff! I have been using the hand cream for a few days now and my hands already look and feel so much better. What I love about the cream is that it is all natural ingredients and there are no chemicals at all.

The cream is sold on and I want to share with you the 3 reasons I absolutely loved ordering off this site:
 You get R5o off on your very first order. A whopping R50 is a lot, which can go towards another product.

♥ They offer FREE DELIVERY. For me, free delivery is the biggest thing. I hate ordering off a website and the delivery charge is more than the product or goods I am ordering.

I have never received such prompt, efficient and personal service. You receive a Facebook message and email every step of the way. When this happens you know you’re in good hands!

sunday sundowners at four seasons hotel the westcliff

You must never let Monday spoil your Sunday … Especially your Sunday afternoon. So that’s why we like to spend our Sunday afternoons sipping wine with a view of Johannesburg at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. We also don’t let the cold weather scare us off now that it is winter as the hotel gives you blankets and just as the sun starts going down the fires are all lit. Not only is it our favourite thing to watch the sunset with a glass of wine, but the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff is our absolute favourite sundowner spot in Johannesburg.

Website: click here.

sweet potato wannabe fries

I cannot get enough of these things. They are so delicious, so healthy and so satisfying. I love them as a side to my main meal or as an afternoon snack. They are so easy to make and you will love them too. This is all you do:

rinse a sweet potato or two under water,
peel the skin off,
slice into 1cm thick slices,
place slices on an oven tray, 
bake in a 180 degree oven, 
every so often turn them over until they look crispy on the outside.

The best part is they are super crispy on the outside but deliciously soft in the inside!

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