Five of my Favourite Things


It’s that time again, where I share five of my favourite things.


We already know how much I love the colour pink. But what you don’t know is that I love leopard print just as much. Now picture my happiness when the colour pink and leopard print joined forces and came together as the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever owned. I love wearing them with a pair of jeans and a pink jersey or even with a black dress. They are strikingly pretty and I always get told they’re gorgeous when I wear them. I bought them from Marcha Ballerina along with a gold pair, a nude pair and a plain pink pair. I live in pumps and these are just the best! The quality is amazing, they’re so comfortable and they complete any outfit. So go have a look on the website and see which pretty pair catches your eye.

lip balm

I have been buying Labello since I can remember and whenever a new one comes out I definitely add it to my collection. Labello recently launched a new Vanilla Buttercream flavour (R25 from all major retailers) that I HAD TO HAVE. Firstly, because Vanilla Buttercream. And secondly, because Vanilla Buttercream. It smells just like a vanilla cupcake oozing with vanilla buttercream icing. You all know I live for these kinds of cupcakes! Besides for the scent, it does a great job ensuring your lips feel moisturised and soft.


I don’t believe in new years resolutions per se, but I do believe in making conscious decisions for a healthier and better lifestyle when a new year rolls in. 2018 is the year I am going to finally swop my morning lie in’s for morning walks and my slippers for my. I also want to drink a lot more water, eat a lot less chocolate and eat a lot more vegetables.

When I came back from holiday there was a parcel waiting for me with the new Kayla Itsines The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide inside. What perfect timing because this book is all about breaking bad habits. Kayla addresses what stops us from following through with our health goals and how to overcome obstacles. The book has over 200 absolutely delicious recipes, a 28 day meal plan and a 28 day workout poster. This book will surely keep me on the right track with my conscious decision for a healthier 2018! I have already put the 28 day workout poster up in my study, which is a good start!


In my quest to make healthier decisions (and stop my chocolate-a-day habit that I have had since forever) I am reaching for the “healthier snacks” come snack time. I discovered Sarah Graham’s Power Balls at my local Wellness Warehouse (R20 each) not so long ago and had to buy one of each flavour. You get Coconut Bliss which is a little ball of creamy coconut goodness and Cranberry and Cacao which is a little ball of dark chocolate yumminess. My favourite flavour though is Coconut Bliss. The ingredients are almonds, dates, desiccated coconut and pumpkin seeds. I love that they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, high in natural protein and full of fibre! With a cup of tea, they make for a blissful afternoon treat!

bath time treat

When I told my blogger bestie Siobhan from Sugar Spice Blog the other day I was suffering from terrible neck and shoulder pain, she kindly advised me to have an epsom salts bath. So the person I am googled all the benefits of an epsom salts bath (read here for the health benefits), then ran to Dischem to get some and came home with at least five different kinds. The one that I cannot stop bathing in though is this one from Dr Teal’s. It is a foaming bath with pure epsom salt and coconut oil. It smells absolutely delicious. The moment you sink into the bath you’re transported to a tropical island and you just feel instantly at ease and relaxed. It is just heavenly! Available from Dischem for R120.


  1. Oh my, I only caught up and read this now! Thank you for the mention my friend! I’ve used the Dr Teal salts I’m the Eucalyptus and Spearmint fragrance and it is AMAZING! Xxx


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