Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


Every now and then you find a book that draws you in from the very start. From the reviews you read online, to the first few paragraphs and even the characters. When you find a book like this, you devour it while trying to savour it. This is exactly how I felt reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.
It is no wonder this was everyone’s favourite book of 2017.

The story of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

The story is about 30 year old Eleanor Oliphant. She works as a finance clerk at a graphics design company. She follows the same routine everyday. She spends her lunch break doing newspaper crosswords. She makes the same dinner every night. On Friday nights she indulges in frozen pizza and on weekends she downs two bottles of vodka.

Eleanor is socially awkward and lives a sad lonely life. She takes everything people say at face value and has a direct and formal manner of speaking.

She had a hard upbringing and has the scars to show.

One day this all changes. When Eleanor and the IT guy from her office, Raymond, happen to be at the same place at the same time, they are both drawn into a random act of kindness. From this moment on they share a connection and she slowly but surely starts to veer away from her everyday routine and welcome more people into her life. As she gets to know the people, she starts to value their friendship and their role in her life.

Some parts of the book are hilariously funny, like when she goes to the salon and has a manicure for the very first time. And some parts are heart wrenching sad. But the overall feeling is heartfelt compassion. This is a beautiful story of recovery, acceptance, love and hope, and it will stay with me forever. Eleanor will find her way into your heart with her warmth and kindness, like she did mine.

Without saying more, everyone should read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine at least once in their life!

Some of my favourite quotes

“LOL could go and take a running jump. I wasn’t made for illiteracy; it simply didn’t come naturally.”

“Time only blunts the pain of loss. It doesn’t erase it.”

“I feel sorry for beautiful people. Beauty, from the moment you possess it, is already slipping away, ephemeral. That must be difficult.”

♥ “I had to google “mofo” and must confess to being slightly alarmed by the result.”

♥ “Life is all about taking decisive action, darling. Whatever you want to do, do it— whatever you want to take, grab it. Whatever you want to bring to an end, END IT. And live with the consequences.”


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