Valentine’s Day is a week away. As much as we look forward to declaring our love for each other on this day, we don’t like overdoing it because every day should be Valentine’s Day. Wink wink! So on that note, we do like to do something special, but we try keep the cheesy levels down. This means we skip the candlelight dinner, roses and boxes of chocolate and instead we try plan something fun and exciting!

So here are a few things to do for Valentine’s Day that are not cheesy, at all:


Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to do something fun, exciting and different, like for example a cooking class. The lovely team behind Voilà Cooking Club reached out to me and invited my partner and I to their first cooking class of 2019 which is happening next weekend. I am definitely going to take them up on their offer because this is the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea that is definitely not cheesy at all. I love the idea of getting busy in the kitchen, making something delicious while sipping on wine, and knowing we’ll have a three course meal to sit down to and enjoy after.


The best kind of trips are the spontaneous ones that come together at the very last minute. If you are living in Cape Town, go up the West Coast to Paternoster for a night or two. Or if you are in Johannesburg, take a drive out to either the Midlands (read a blog post on the Midlands here) or take a drive to Dullstroom (read a blog post on Dullstroom here). Whatever it is though, getting out of the city and creating special memories is what I love most about going away!


I think this is a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day – it’s not romantic at all and it may test your relationship … Just a little bit! Ha!

HintHunt is the first live, interactive escape game concept in South Africa. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I can imagine it to be a lot of fun! The game is designed to put the mind to the test as participants work together as a group to find hidden clues, solve tricky riddles and unlock mysterious puzzles. The best part is, this all has to be done in 60 minutes in order to escape.

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This is one of our favourite things to do because we feel SO relaxed after! We dedicate a whole entire weekend (or even just a Sunday) to staying in bed and watching all our favourite movies! Because I am the hostess with the mostess, I make sure we have all the food and snacks on the ready so we have no excuse to get out of bed. There is nothing better than a day doing absolutely nothing but just relaxing, and this is one of those days!


The best way to see the city you live in is from the top of an open top bus like the City Sightseeing bus. You will be a tourist for the day but you will see sights you did not even know existed in the city you live in! You will also spend quality time with you precious one. Yip, you will be killing two birds with one stone! We have done this hop on hop off bus tour in Cape Town countless times and it is just the best! We are planning to do it in Johannesburg soon too and I cannot wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

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