Online food delivery services we using in lockdown (Johannesburg)


meat online for meat

We have ordered a few times from because the service is amazing! Not only is the service amazing but the quality of the meat is excellent too. The beef ribs are *thumbs up* and so are the lamb chops, especially on the braai! It is obviously different for every area, but delivery took one day. The meat also comes vacuum packed so you can store it for long which is great, especially now.


munching mongoose for fruit and vegetables deliver locally sourced and organically farmed fresh produce straight to your front door. You have a choice of 5 different sized boxes and included in the boxes you will get a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, artisan bread, milk and cheese. Just a little note though when ordering is that it isn’t a “once off” order, it’s a subscription that goes off weekly so you receive your box weekly. I didn’t realise this until later on. Ooopsy.


chalmar beef for steak

If you have never had a chalmar beef steak then you are seriously missing out! This is our favourite steak because the quality is just amazing, the taste is flavourful and it’s just superb. If you want to know more about chalmar beef, visit the website here. Not many restaurants serve chalmar beef, but one that does is Chaplins Grill in Hurlingham Sandton and we frequent this restaurant often! I was relieved to learn that chalmar beef were delivering during the lockdown and the service is excellent too. I highly recommend all their meat and steaks!


yuppiechef for essential goods

We definitely sorted with the above online food delivery services for meat and fresh produce but what about the other essentials? Thanks to we order things like baking goods, olive oil, tea and coffee things, pasta sauces, cleaning products and a few other essentials needed.


urban foods for a variety of things deliver fresh, good quality food at affordable prices. You can order fresh fruit, veg, meat, bread, milk, eggs, nuts as well as a range of deli items like dips and cheeses and cold pressed juices.

How it works is you have order on the website and fill out the form which you then email with your proof of payment to They offer free delivery with a minimum order of R500.


If you have any other online food delivery services we can add to the list that have been tried and tested please let me know.


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