Things I am loving and things I am missing while staying home


South Africa is in a total lockdown, as you know. We’re only allowed to go to the shops for essentials. We can’t walk in the streets, we can’t go visit friends and we can’t even take scenic drives out of the city. But it is for the greater good of the people and I am seriously not complaining. I know that at the end of all of this, we will all be okay. Because we just have to be!

I have come to love a few, if not a lot, of things in this lockdown way of life. I decided to go into this lockdown with a positive mind set and take each day as it is. I told myself that it is what it is, and because I cannot control the situation, I must make the most of it, which I have! Some days are hard which is obvious, but other days are as good as I make them.

So in this post I am going to share all the things I am missing in lockdown and end off with all the things I am loving in lockdown, because in true Minkys style, I want to end this post off on a positive note.

Things I am missing in lockdown …

  • Walking in nature and getting fresh air.
  • Saturday morning Parkruns and coffee dates afterwards.
  • Sitting at an actual restaurant and ordering delicious food that isn’t made by me.
  • All my favourite restaurants.
  • All my favourite food at these favourite restaurants of mine.
  • Going for a drive out of the city and heading anywhere.
  • Having a glass of wine with my friends while chatting away.
  • Ordering coffee at a cozy coffee shop and sipping on it.
  • People watching.
  • Walking through Exclusive Books and browsing all the books on the shelves.
  • Spontaneous dinner dates.
  • Going for long walks on a Sunday morning.

Things I am loving in lockdown …

  • Spending quality time with my better half.
  • Enjoying what feels like we are taking a holiday in our home and finally enjoying everything we have.
  • Getting creative with my exercise routine and doing things I wouldn’t normally do, like running 5 km’s in the lounge or even trying my hand at Yoga.
  • The little routine we have created.
  • Our little routine that includes morning coffee and a 5 o clock sundowner every afternoon outside in the fresh air. Obviously weather permitting.
  • All the time in the kitchen thinking of new exciting dishes to make and making them.
  • Watching a live game drive every day on Wild Earth.
  • Finally having the time to read! I have already devoured 4 books in this lockdown and know I will get through a few more. All this reading time is just bliss!
  • Saturday night games night with friends over Zoom while drinking wine.
  • Savouring every sip of coffee in the morning because I’m not rushing to be somewhere or to do something!
  • Getting cosy and snuggling up on the cold and rainy days.
  • And sitting outside in the sun on the sunny days!


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