Our Favourite Restaurants in Johannesburg


Hi Loren, where can we go for our 3 year wedding anniversary?”
“Hi there, where do you recommend for a girls night out dinner?”
“Ola Minky, we need a recommendation for somewhere different but delicious!”

You know you’re a foodie, when these are the
types of messages that pop up in your inbox.

It is for this very reason I have put a post together on all our favourite places to eat in Johannesburg.

1. The Fat Zebra -> breakfast

At least once a week I make my way to The Fat Zebra in Linden for breakfast. It is a small little restaurant with fantastic food and exceptional service. The bonus is they serve one of the best breakfasts Jozi has to offer. From french toast to crumpets, but my all time favourite is a simple macon and poached eggs. The macon is extra crispy (even better than bacon) and the poached eggs are always perfect.

Location: Linden.

More info click here.

2. The Big Mouth -> sushi

The sushi scene in Johannesburg is rather lacking compared to Cape Town. In Cape Town, every area has its own sushi place offering the utmost delicious sushi. But in Johannesburg there is only one place: The Big Mouth in Nelson Mandela Square. I did a blog post on my three favourite sushi dishes from The Big Mouth (you can read that here) not so long ago so that just shows you how much I love the sushi here. I also love that they add specials to the menu every so often. Like now, one of the specials is a cucumber boat – it is a must try!

Location: Nelson Mandela Square.

More info click here.


3. The Grind -> coffee and GF treats

This little coffee shop in the heart of Melrose Arch not only serves up my favourite cuppa in Johannesburg, but they also have the most delicious gluten free banana bread. The Grind uses a three-bean Arabica mix (from South America and North Africa) which is roasted gently to extract the floral notes. The end result is a creamy, nutty flavour coffee. The gluten free banana bread is served with macadamia nut butter and honey. It is really melt-in-your-mouth good, so much so, that I crave it nearly every day. Now that I am strictly gluten free, treats like these make being gluten free SO easy.

Location: Melrose Arch.

More info click here.


4. Gemelli Cuccina Bar -> Sunday lunch

Sunday is family day. We either go out or now that it is summer we’ll braai at home. When we do go out though we love a place that serves great food and has a great atmosphere. Gemelli Cuccina Bar is the place! The food is outstanding, especially this salad below, and the desserts are phenomenal. Also, if you’re one for out-of-this-world-cocktails, you’ve found the right place.

Location: Bryanston.

More info click here.


5. Glenda’s -> a fabulous meal

Glenda’s is my go-to restaurant for a meal with the girls. Be it breakfast, lunch, a simple cup of tea or even dinner. The food is fabulous, the decor is fabulous and the vibe is fabulous. So if you were wondering which is the restaurant I always suggest for a girls night out dinner, it is always Glenda’s. I have done two blog posts on Glenda’s – one all about Lunching at Glenda’s and another all about Dinner at Glenda’s – both are a must read if you need some convincing.

Location: Hyde Park.

More info click here.


6. PRONTO -> pizza and pasta

You know how much we love our pizza and pasta. I even did a blog post on my favourite pasta dishes in and around Jozi where I rounded up all my favourites. But when people ask me where to go for the best of the best, I always without a doubt suggest PRONTO. The pizza’s are top notch and the pasta’s are divine. AND if you’re gluten free like me, they make the BEST gluten free pizza and pasta. My favourite is a gluten free pizza base with mushrooms, olives and a little bit of chilli.

Location: Craighall Park.

More info click here.


7. Espresso -> prego rolls

Hands down, the best prego rolls in the world are from Espresso in Parkhurst. The roll are the real Portuguese rolls, the meat is tender and tasty and the prego sauce is too delicious for words! And as for the chips. Unbelievable!

Location: 4th Avenue, Parkhurst.


8. Yamato -> Japanese 

One of our favourite cuisines is Japanese. But I’m not talking about sushi, I’m referring to the proper stuff like chicken yakitori, udon noodle soup, or kaki soba. The best restaurant in Johannesburg for food like this is Yamato. The food is authentic and flavourful. We have been going to Yamato for years (even before they moved) and with each meal, we always leave truly satisfied.

Location: Illovo Muse, 198 Oxford Rd, Illovo.


9. Date night -> Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff 

When people ask me where do I recommend to celebrate a special occasion or just for a romantic date night, I always without a doubt recommend Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. This hotel has a special place in my heart. I celebrated my graduation, my admission as an Attorney and my boyfriends 30th here. We also love to have Sunday afternoon sundowners on the terrace. From the most spectacular view of Johannesburg, to the most delicious food, and impeccable service, I always feel like royalty when I walk into Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

Location: Westcliff

More info click here.


10. Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream -> ice-cream

I am going to keep this description short and sweet. PHIC is the BEST ice-cream you will ever in your life. The flavours are amazing and the ice-creams are flavourful. That’s all I’m saying!

More info click here.




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